Overcoming barriers to entry

Luxury & Lifestyle products are catching up to traditional Travel Retail categories as perfumes, alcohol and tobacco.

Yet many duty-free operators fail to capitalize on this rise in demand due to existing barriers to entry.

  • Gap in brand prices
  • Changing fashion trends
  • Heavy initial investment
  • Lack of reliable market data
  • Commitment to minimum volume
  • Strict brand merchandising guidelines
  • Lack of access to top brands

Our Shop-in-Shop model is the solution

Over the past 25 years, Retailligent has perfected a flexible shop-in-shop model to help Luxury & Lifestyle brands enter the lucrative Travel Retail space with minimal risks and costs. Going beyond buying and selling activities, we take all the extra steps necessary to achieve success for our valued retail partners in a tailor-made solution.

  • Attending trade shows and touring showrooms
  • Staying up to date with brand head office
  • Executing brand guidelines requirements
  • Data analysis to optimize selection of brands
  • Optimization of profit per square foot
  • Market planning and brand positioning
  • Stock management with consolidated orders
  • Training and supervision of local staff
  • Effective promotional strategies and more

Experience our Swarovski stores in China

We operate SWAROVSKI corners within 15 Duty Free stores in China, expecting 40 new locations by 2020 in cities as Shanghai, Ningbo, Xian, Hangzhou, Changsha, Siyan, Zibo, Huhehaote, Kunming and Xinjiang.



Visit our Caribbean Islands’ operations

With over 30 million tourists each year, we focus on traveler demographics to make accurate predictions and meet market demand in time. Relying on our efficient shipping management and intelligent data analysis, our partners’ premium brands are on the shelves in time to enjoy the peeks in demand.