Tapping into Unexplored Terrain

Luxury, lifestyle and sports brands are in demand everywhere; but attracting consumers to the right place at the right time is a challenge. Duty-Free channels made brands accessible to travelers, while membership clubs made them available to groups and communities. Now for the first time, HILUX is tapping into Africa’s huge unexplored community of foreigners leveraging unique distribution channels

The Gold Rush to Africa

Foreign direct investment in Africa has been climbing steadily over the past two decades, creating an influx of foreign workers and government employees who share similar Western values and tastes for Luxury & Lifestyle brands.

Market Opportunity

Africa’s cohort of foreigner residents are geographically banded together, forming tens of connected communities spread across over 50 countries. In South Africa alone, there are over 2 million expats, diplomats, and foreign workers and their families. Yet the continent’s relatively low socio-economic status creates a vacuum where many Western products are not easily accessible, especially luxury, lifestyle and sports brands.

Unique Distribution Platform

HILUX has strong local ties and direct access to embassies and consulates in 54 African counties, in addition to over 500 large foreign companies invested in Africa.

The Exclusive Membership HILUX e-Catalog

The HILUX online catalog includes leading luxury brands, as well as known lifestyle and sports goods. Purchasing items is allowed only to members who hold a HILUX Gift Card, which they receive from their company, embassy or government agency. All e-catalog prices are published in MSRP to ensure the highest value for the brand and gift item.

How Does It Work

Foreign agencies and companies are granted up to 35% discount for purchasing gift cards in bulk, with a minimum order of $10,000. Each gift card carries a value of $100, $200 and $500. The purchase itself is executed by using the unique ID code that comes with every gift card. Gift cards may be used as credit. When purchasing items more expensive than the gift card value, members can pay the additional price using their credit card, or save the remaining amount for their next purchase.

Safety & Security

Delivery of the merchandise is permitted in Africa only. The gifts are consolidated to arrive directly to the club, embassy or foreign company which ordered the gift cards. Each gift card is password protected and assigned to a specific user. The HILUX e-catalog is not accessible to the public and no orders can be made without an authenticated username and password. To avoid fraud, we block multiple purchases from any single user over a short period of time.