Managing global demand is critical to success

Image is key for any brand, especially for Luxury & Lifestyle brands competing across disparate channels in multiple markets and countries. Premium brands invest a fortune in building the right image, but when it comes to product demand, find it increasingly difficult to optimize and control on a global scale.

Why global brands struggle with managing demand

The internet has enabled brands to discover new markets and explore exciting new online channels worldwide. With the explosion of new markets – with different behaviors, geographies, currencies, taxes, duties and pricing – complex new issues arise. Price disparities create room for alternative imports, arbitrage opportunities and product diversion – all contributing to damage brand reputation and performance.

DEMANDEX – Deep demand analysis across global channels

DEMANDEX is an innovative business model implemented by intelligent automated system capable of monitoring & analyzing vast data from multiple third-party sources, helping to better manage global demand, control price discrepancies, and boost profits.

DEMANDEX starts with official information about the brand: official channels, MSRP and wholesale price. The system then scans countless online channels, collecting vast data on prices, discounts and offers, in addition to monitoring opinion across social media. Our proprietary algorithms then analyze the data leveraging decades of industry knowledge built-in.

 Gain actionable insights to lift brand performance

Addressing the complexity of managing demand across diverse and dynamic global channels, Demandex keeps brands more tuned in to their markets, indicating potential problems in markets where action needs to be taken.

Designed for simple use, DEMANDEX keeps track of any changes in demand around the clock keeping brands up to date while delivering vital insights that help in identifying emerging trends, perfecting product design, optimizing marketing strategy, and making better strategic decisions to improve brand performance.
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