Launched in 2016

At cherriez, we provide our clients with well-known Luxury & Lifestyle goods both in giveaway gift programs and point redemption catalogues. Our clients include casinos and selected customer-incentive companies in the gaming industry. Working together with marketing and player management teams in casinos, we craft effective promotions of Luxury & Lifestyle brands.

Our prestigious clients include Ceasar’s World, MGM Resorts International, Pinnacle Entertainment, Boyd Gaming, among other gaming operators.

In  our Las Vegas showroom, buyers of Casinos and customer-incentive companies get a close look at the brands we represent in order to plan promotions and special events to their loyal members.

Casinos invest heavily in customer loyalty programs in an effort to forge long-term relationships with players, and keep them coming back for more.

Common Customer Loyalty Programs benefits include free or discounted rooms, complimentary food and drinks, access to “special event” parties, free flight tickets, cash back, promotional offers aimed to stimulate repeat purchases, with various gift items constituting most of the loyalty programs’ budget.


In order to acknowledge the time and value VIP guests spend at the Casino, Cherriez offers a loyalty program unique in style and prestige to target gamers’ sense of self-worth.

With our rich brand portfolio, Casinos can provide differentiated rewards and purchasing power to each tier of customers, granting VIP members an elevated status that sets them apart.

We believe that an exclusive acquired status is likely to drive future customer loyalty. Our programs aim to make top tier players feel privileged by rewarding them with exceptional gifts and point redemption opportunities, while maintaining a sense of respectability to lower tier customers with access to luxury brands.

We understand and respect a brand’s need to adhere to strict channel segmentation, making sure our business partners comply with MAP policies to protect the brand image at all times.