Luxury and Lifestyle products are catching up to traditional categories of international shopping such as fragrances, liquor and tobacco. Retailers and duty-free operators are hesitant to begin retail operations in this category because of recognizable challenges including:

  • Constant change in fashion trends, brand options and the necessity to update stock.
  • Difficulty in estimating demand and lack of dependable market knowledge.
  • Substantial investment requirements and the gap in brand prices.
  • Price drives through commitment to minimum volume.
  • Access to elite brands and detailed merchandising guidelines which must be meticulously followed.

Our up-to-the moment brand awareness, advanced international demographics mapping, and well-equipped distribution platform go hand in hand with our proven Shop in Shop model to guarantee our retail partners profit per square foot without the risk. At Retailligent we go far beyond buying and selling; activities including the following are some of the many ways we stay on top of business and guarantee success in the Luxury and Lifestyle categories.


  • Attending trade shows, touring showrooms and receiving regular updates from brand’s home offices.
  • Providing a tailor-made solution for each and every retail partner space.
  • Data analysis to optimize selection of brands which maximize the profit per square foot while curtailing risks.
  • Market planning-brands positioning.
  • Stock management and consolidating orders of multiple stores.
  • Training and supervision of local staff in following brand guidelines and support via promotion strategies.

Operating Swarovski Experience stores in China

Operating SWAROVSKI corners within 15 DUTY FREE experience stores in China. 40 new locations by 2020 will be opened. Cities: Shanghai, Ningbo, Xian, Hangzhou, Changsha, Siyan, Zibo, Huhehaote, Kunming, Xinjiang.